måndag 7 februari 2011

Arabic IPTV channels online in the USA

We started this company to cover the needs in the US market for International channels. It is not a secret that there is a large number of Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish and Persian communities in the United states.

It has been difficult for those nationals to get access to TV sendings from their home countries, because of the poor sattelite coverage in the united states. A few companies have been offering expensive services for TV channel packages of 20-30 channels. We have decided to change this obviously and are now a registered company in the state of Florida.

Our product is a IPTV solution that will allow access to 350+ channels from around the world in HD quality. The company offering this services has been operating in Europe for the last 3 years, and have now estabilshed a good client base in Europe and Canada.

TVnetsolutions has now signed an exclusive contract with arabtvnet and will be the only suppler in the United states.

Feel free to comment if you have any question or send us an email on info@tvnetsolutions.com or why not visit our website http://www.tvnetsolutions.com/

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